Copyright protects creative expression. We help you protect and maximize its value to reap the rewards of your creativity. Dan Booth Law’s leading copyright practice protects a wide range of creators – authors and playwrights, artists, musicians, illustrators and fashion designers, film-makers and photographers, book publishers and Internet companies, newspapers and academic journals. Ensuring fair rewards for our clientele’s creative work through negotiation and litigation is a staple of our firm’s commitment to free expression.

At the same time, our practice protects the interests of copyright users – readers, creative artists, and the public at large – by fending off copyright trolls and preserving the public domain and the right of fair use. We have repeatedly won compensation for our clients in defending invalid claims brought by attorneys trying to exploit copyrights beyond what the law allows.

Our copyright practice assists throughout the life cycle of a creative work, from creation, authorship and collaboration agreements; publishing and marketing; copyright licenses, assignments and transfers; sequels, adaptations, and other derivative works; copyright registration, renewal, and recordation; copyright termination and contract renegotiation; copyright enforcement, negotiations, litigation, mediation, and arbitration; BitTorrent litigation; Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance, takedowns, and counter-notices; bankruptcy, trusts and estates, and security interests in intellectual property.

Representative matters include: