Internet, Social Media, and Technology

The Internet, social media, and technology industries are a cornerstone of our practice. Dan Booth Law provides a full suite of services to electronic book publishers, app developers and web developers; video producers and video artists; music streaming services, graphic designers, and software companies, from emerging startups to giants. We have assisted clients with drafting and enforcing Terms of Service, GDPR compliance and other data privacy and security regulations; cyberstalking, trolling, doxing, and harassment; e-commerce and digital media distribution; UDRP proceedings and domain name disputes; claims of online defamation, copyright and trademark infringement, and violations of the Communications Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; user-generated content and the Communications Decency Act/Section 230 immunity for Internet service providers. We build and protect the legal framework for new business models, providing innovative service for an innovative world.

Representative cases include: